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Our Wine Selections

Our semi dry selections include a Riesling and our unique creation called, Dulcimer White.  Enjoy these wines as a social drink or along with your favorite foods

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Get ready to tantalize your tastes with the sweet wines being offered at present.  Enjoy our selections of Southern or Red Muscadine, Fiddler Red Volunteer Peach, Hillbilly Shine Wine or Blackberry.  

From December through February we also have a seasonal wine we call Chocolate Covered Cherry.


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Semi Dry 


At present we offer 5 dry wines.  We currently have a Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Red Onyx, which is a blend of red wines. One of our dry whites is a creation of our own called, Mandolin Blanc, last but not least is our Chardonnay. These wines are best enjoyed with your favorite meals.

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